Our Story

    Entropy is result of our quest of finding t-shirts which are simple + interesting, feminine + fun and artistic +subtle. Entropy was never a childhood dream for us, but now it has become our passion to make it as big as possible. We both belong very different fields (an engineer + a biotech major) academically, hence only that made Entropy possible was our mad-creative streak and zeal to do something fun and interesting where we could express ourselves.

Entropy was also born out of a necessity. We were bored with the limited options available in t-shirts for girls. Mostly were:

  • Slogan t-shirts (*cough*…shhhh…weird looks when someone is actually reading it)
  • T-shirts which make you look like grown-up version of Barbie/Hannah Montana even if you are in your late twenties.
  • T-shirts embellished with sequins-sparkles-coin-shells-trinkets-bells-and what not.
  • T-shirts with blood/skulls/boy bands/wrestlerswith Super XXL sleeves.
  • Plain jane 3-a-pack t-shirts/Men’s t-shirts

We mean no offence to anyone’s aesthetic sensibilities but none of these appeal to us. So it was always a task finding subtle-yet-not-boring t-shirtswithout digging a hole in our pocket (are you listening high-street biggies!)

So when Shradha(Our designer) laid her hands on a plain t-shirt and came up with a design which was simple yet interesting, our very first t-shirt “Start” was born. Soon friends, cousins started asking for t-shirts and designs. We decided to broaden the horizon and start with a webstore for selling these. So came up ENTROPY, the name which was predefined for our first venture, whatever it might (we just love the sound of it…tech+geek+cool). After came days of testing t-shirts (quality, fitting, colors) , webstore designs(trust us, sipping coffee really helps), Sketches(Shruti sketched almost every element of website)planning, banks, registrations, deadlines(making and breaking), shoots, courier, Facebook/Twitter…list goes on. Sticking true to our name, our designs and themes are not very well thought, they come up randomly when our designer sits with a t-shirts. So we are here presenting you this exclusive range of hand designed t-shirts…

Shruti & Shradha

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